Self Proclaimed Twitter Win!

To be a total braggart, I called it that Kanye would implode at the Grammys! Well, me and I’m sure a few million other folk…but to highlight MY MEness, All you have to do is visit MY Twitter page!

Three nights ago, while avoiding real life responsibilities, I decided to numb my panic over the FUTURE, likely  with some weed and also with some participation in the always mentally challenging #hashtaggame brought to by the folks at Comedy Central and @midnight.  That nights game was #Grammyin5words. I only had a few in me that night, and they were more, insights, than predictions. But the five words: “Kanye will likely interrupt you” seemed right, and apparently it was.  Call Vegas! I came the closest (?). I’m here to claim my winnings…alas…I put no money down. Does my non-reputation count as collateral?

What’s that? I can’t hear you over all this self back patting and my horns tooting!

Even though I acknowledge that, others, perhaps with more “followers” may have arranged a similar five words to draw a similar conclusion, I acknowledge mine MORE! Take a peek below and see the tweet! Also, follow me on twitter, and NOW on Instagram too!





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