Day 1: a comedy conquest has begun

Hello, I’m Tom Farnan: Actor. Comedian. Commuter and now, blogger.

Let me tell you why this is Day 1 and what that means. Well, the subtitle might say it all.  A comedy conquest (a choice I made for alliteration sake).  Is it a conquest?  I haven’t decided yet.  What I have decided to do is perform 90 comedy shows in 90 days (what professional comedians call work).  So, I am writing and performing my own material.  It’s already funny, right?  I have performed comedy for over 20 years.  I got a handle on it, but, I’m scared to death.

This isn’t an original concept.  When you think about it, it’s no different than a New Years resolution.  The one solid difference is the psychological pressure one goes through to be ready to rid oneself of a bad habit, or to teach oneself a new habit by the first day of the year.  On New Years Day, most people are still coming down from a 12 day sugar and booze buzz.  Who wants to profoundly change their life on 1/1?  I say, begin your New Years resolution when you’re ready.

So that’s the deal, 90 comedy shows in 90 days.  I’m grateful to live in LA, because comedy shows are a nightly event. The challenge will not be in finding shows, but finding the wherewithal to go every night. I reserve the right to write the rules as I go.  The blog will be my day-to-day perspective and progress.

It’s also been suggested that I have an artistic outlet during this process, so I’m going to take up the guitar.  I don’t own a car so I am riding a bike and taking public transit to get from gig to gig.

Which brings me to Day 1: Tuesday, June 18th, 2013.  Mouthypants Open Mic

I’ve been going to Mouthypants for a few weeks now and I gotta tell you, I love this open mic.  Run by Kym Kral and Whitney Melton, the support these two provide is immeasurable.  Located at NoHo’s local lesbian bar (no confirmation of that actually) The Other Door off Burbank Blvd, in the back room Kym and Whit create a Shangri-La of comedy right down to the velvet curtains and burlesque lighting.  Rob the DJ brings each comic on to music, much cooler than the comics themselves. We all get 5 minutes. We all get our pictures taken and posted on their Facebook page.  If you sign up, you will go up.  Here’s how.  You can email them at by 5pm every Monday. Your name will  be randomly selected for 20 set spots.  You can also put your name in the bucket.  Either way, you’re doing comedy on that night. I did it.

I talked about:

Orthodox Jews, The Kardashians, American Pickers, The Cure for HIV, Having sex with fat women will reduce the stress in men



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