Day 10: Return to the Hollywood Hotel

Thursday, June 27th, 2013, The Hollywood Hotel

It was a long hot day in LA.  After baking in the sun while pretending to be a 1950’s Brooklynite, I hit the Hollywood Hotel to see if they could put me up.  Daniel and Ryan totally did (different hosts of a different show there).  I was second to last, which was fine. I was late getting out of the house.

Walking into the side entrance of the HH and passing all of the familiar faces felt like the Henry Hill steady cam perspective shot in ‘Goodfellas’ where we first meet all the ‘players’.  The first person I saw was, long time ‘phone friend’ Megan Rice, with a pleasantly surprised look of ‘what are doing here?’ Well, Megan, you’re witnessing my mid-life crisis, I think.  Pop some popcorn and settle in.

Daniel and Ryan seem like nice good mid-western boys. I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what my mom would say about them.  I think their show is called; The Dungeon? The Boiler Room? Something like that. From what I could glean, they have that Unger/Madison dynamic.

I think Gus, The Bartender is the real puppet master at the HH.  Different hosts come and go with different nights, but Gus is always there.  He’s heard a metric-shit ton of jokes both good and bad, and I’m going to generously assume that he’s been at it for some time. Which means that he might be the barometer for jokes.  If Gus laughs, you probably got something there.

I got to see Kym and Whit do their bits outside of their regular Tuesday hosting duties, which was a treat!  BTW, No MouthyPants Tuesday 7/2.  I don’t know how many folks this is reaching, but I thought I would make a general announcement.  Also, thank you both for settling down the shouting match during my set.  No one heard my racist television show pitch….next time.

This is getting pricey.  Again, I ride a bike, more out of necessity instead of choice, so I don’t gotta lotta dough, but it’s summer in LA and the drinks are cold….and strong. Thanks Gus!

Shows to date: 10

$ spent: $21

miles biked: 3.5

My bits: pie fights, racist tv show, Nature, Blackhawks fans, being murdered.








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