Day 14: Storming the Palace

Monday, July 1st, 2013, The Palace Restaurant, Los Feliz, LA, CA

Well, the stereotype is true.  Stand-up is alive and well in the upstairs of a chinese restaurant.  Boy, you can put comedy just any old place, right? I loved this room, one, for the ironic punchline of performing comedy in the back of a chinese restaurant, two because it takes five minutes to bike to.  I don’t know the hosts name, because I was in and out so fast, I forgot to ask.

I had a half hearted feeling about doing a mic, I gave a half hearted attempt and got the same in response.  I talked about commitment in the previous post. Commitment was nowhere to be found.  I just wanted to get through it.  All I needed to do was muster up a little more energy to do 5 minutes.  So it goes.  In all fairness, it was the hottest day of the year so far, and I was exhausted from talking to people all day (my job).  I biked home from The Palace, stripped down to my necked and put my balls on ice.

Good to see you Hal!

Total shows: 12

bike miles: 2

Guitar status: fingering exercises daily…that’s right

Push-ups: 30

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