Day 15: Thank You Google Maps for Bike Routes

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013, Sal’s Comedy Hole and The Tribal Cafe, LA, CA

I was all over LA.  Helped a friend move, then biked and bussed to an audition in Santa Monica.  By the time I was back in my neck of the woods, the sign-up for Sal’s was available.  I’m behind my quota, and I had a couple new bits, so off to Sal’s I went.

Show #1 Sal’s

Me and my good buddy Peretti were reunited to help me plan a pre-game RO.  I was second to go up and very happy about that.  Thank goodness I had audition clothes.  I opened strong.  I was able to role in to my ‘material’.  Naz gave us 7 minutes, so I just tried out everything I could.  The nature bit stood out as a Naz favorite, thank you.  I wonder if the trick is to feel comfortable feeling uncomfortable…I know, so meta.

Stuff Covered: Nature, Kardashians, Two Wongs, Re-evaluating some of the rules I used to live by, being murdered, pie fights at gay wedding receptions

Show #2 Tribal Cafe 1651 W. Temple

90s’s artsy coffee house meets abandoned Jurassic Park movie set, is one way to describe The Tribal Cafe.  You can’t miss this little oasis along Temple St. where t he humidity of the room matches the jungle motif that just pours onto the street.

Yes, it was hot and hotter underneath the lights.  I was at the end of a long list of folks that pre-signed up.  It’s like Fast-Trak for comedy shows.  If I had a motor attached to my bike, I could probably bounce around a little easier, as it is, two shows on a bike with a pit-stop in between is not shabby, especially in a heatwave.  Always good to get up, but alas I kinda bailed on my opener.  Was it down hill, no, just flat.  Lotta good people on this mic.  If I don’t give enough credit to my fellow comics out there, you do good work by just getting up.  I did try out a new bit about how my friend announced on FB that his last day on earth will be spent eating his wife’s ass.  After breaking it down, so will mine.

Stuff Covered: being murdered, pie fights, FB, Two Wongs

Total shows: 14

miles biked: 11

$ spent: $3



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