Day 16: …and then Maron shook my hand

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013, The Corner Mic at Los Globos, LA, CA

Because of the July 4th holiday, The Corner Mic, was going to be pushed to Thursday, July 11th (my BDay).  I had seriously considered having a birthday show on that date. Now on a different night (wednesdays) and a with a different look, Brendan advertised a pre-July 4th show. I had to go.  My previous show was such a personal success there, returning seemed obvious.

I arrived at 9:30p with the girlfriend in tow.  We had late movie plans.  When I got there, the show was just about wrapping up. The headliner was going on and then Brendan allowed a few more of us to come up and run long.  It was cool of him.

So, as I understand it, the club changed their night to Wednesday, on that same night there was an upstairs comedy show, with big name comedians, going on.  Guess where the audience was?  I knew there was comedy happening, but to what extent I wasn’t sure.

I got my turn, and I came out swinging again, at this place.  Must be the place.  There’s little consequence in sucking when its you and 4 other people.  I opened with a bit about how it was cool that the OM was ending early because me and the GF had a Groupon for a midnight Thai Fusion cooking class.  Many laughs, and many inquiries about that cooking class, because that sounds like an actual LA thing.  I noticed a group to the side that engaged me, and frankly saved my ass.  The jokes landed but the back-and-forth with the little side audience, is what made this show complete, for me at least.  The Kardashian bit lands every time now.  I now can see the benefit in working a joke, choosing different words, choosing less words, etc.

When we wrapped up, Brendan mentioned that we could get in free to the other show upstairs.  Maria Bamford was the closer, AND that very minute Marc Maron was on stage doing his sit down comedy.  Now, I’m a fan of his comedy, his podcast, I used to watch him on The Comedy Channel (Comedy Central for you youngin’s), and I watch the IFC show. I follow this guy, and I’ve written my share of fan mail to him about the podcast over about a two year span, and how he’s an inspiration and a lot of other blowing of the sunshine up his ass, tweeting pics to him, etc.  Nothing in excess.  I’m not a stalker, I’m a fan. He ended his set and I took my opportunity to be a total starstruck teeny bopper and own my boy-sized-comedy-man-crush, by reaching out my hand…and Maron shook it.  I said something congratulatory, I was dazed. He said thank you. I just met my Bieber or Jacko or Bono equivalent.  My toes curled, I may have even popped a semi, I don’t know, but what I do know is that I kept it short and sweet.  I know this about myself, that I sometimes linger and stare, thus I could be classified as creepy in that moment, and you’re right, because a part of me wants to make you uncomfortable, for the simple enjoyment of doing it.  Other times, I just have nothing to say…but would like to.

Bamford begins her set.  Again, I’m a fan and I wanted Kerry to see her real quick, before we took off to the movies, so we grab a seat and catch maybe 10 minutes of her act.  We leave our seats, and Marc is at the table next to us, again we make the slightest eye contact.  And in those milliseconds, I imagine him shaming me, in his mind for rudely walking out on his friends set early thus nullifying any of the congratulations I gave him earlier.

Shows to date: 15

Stuff I covered: two wongs, kardashians, being murdered, ass eating,

$ spent: $0

# of outdated references: 1 (Buckaroo Bonzai? Anybody?)

Guitar progress: fingering practice

Push-ups: 40



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