Day 18: More Punishment

Friday, July 5th, 2013, Hollywood Hotel and Sabora y Cultura, Hollywood, LA, CA

Show #1 Hollywood Hotel

New host. Same bartender.  The host  was Phil, who looks similar to the actor who played Non in Superman II.  The jokes are coming along.  I always take away something from each experience and this show would have to be; do my homework.  If I’m gonna do topical humor I have to know certain facts, like North West is a baby GIRL, you know little things like that. The highlight was running into Hugh Moore. I had met him a few years back thru another comic friend. We both did our 5 minutes and chatted a while, and then it was off the to next one.

$ spent: $10

drinks: 2

miles biked: 2.5

Jokes: Biking in LA, the Kards, Zoftig(ugh)


Show #2

Sabora Y Cultura 5625 Hollywood Blvd.

If you live in Hollywood, you know this coffee house.  It’s a huge corner lot that is twice the size of any  Starbucks and Tea Leaf of late.  Because of the Holiday they closed an hour early so the hosts were just trying to jam thru comedians of which I was #28. 1/2 that list was a no show, so the hosts, in their best effort saw to it that everyone did comedy even if it were for 2.5 minutes.  The stage was a little 3’x3′ astroturf covered platform.  Hello ComedySportz 1992! With barely squeaking out two short bits I was done.  Lesson for this show: Get to it!

Jokes: Biking in LA, and trusting sober people.

Shows to date: 17



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