Day 19: The (mini) Rant

Saturday, July 6th, 2013 Sal’s and Hollywood Hotel

I got my first blog compliments from  one friend, on the same day that another friend remarked how time consuming my blog must be, suggesting that maybe it takes away from time better spent writing jokes. Heh.  Admittedly I won’t be posting everyday like I have been, but I will keep doing a show every night.  This blog is a good way to track my progress, but there’s only so many times you wanna hear that I went to this same place, and this same thing happened.  Believe me I’m spearing myself the same boredom.

This blog is as much a body of work as writing the jokes are. I have never considered myself much of a writer, nor have I the discipline on most occasions to write when I needed to.  It’s not my goal to be a comedy writer but that doesn’t mean I won’t write comedy for pay on occasion.  I want to continue acting in TV and film, but the idea of seeking theatrical representation makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out of my head with laser-sharpened titanium steel knitting needles.  However, I will happily risk my life every night to build an act to showcase in front of said representation.


The next time someone asks me what the point of all this is, instead of saying: ” I want to be an autonomous comedy icon”  I think I’ll just say “I’m making new friends.”


Show#1 Sal’s with Host Keith Sole…you opened up with Brubeck! Nice!

Show #2 Hollywood Hotel with hosts Andrew Lesa and Joseph P. Larken…worst gay porn actors ever

Shows to date: 19

$ spent: $9

Miles rode: 5

Risking my life on a daily basis: Priceless

‘Lemonade stand’ is gone!


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