Day 2: Wednesday on Wilton

Day 2:  Wednesday, June 19th, 2013, Wednesday Night Open Mic at the Eavesdropper Theater

I am very excited that there is a day two.  My source for finding nightly open-mics is  They have a very comprehensive list of open-mics listed by their time and date, right there on the home page.

The website had listed an open-mic right around the corner from me at the House Of Tacos or H.O.T.  I was thrilled!  I eat here at least once a week, so to find out they do a weekly mic gives me another reason to go.  If I have the money and the time I’ll go to House Of Tacos, if not then it’s the $6 two entree combo at Chinatown Express in the strip mall across the street.

It began at 9pm.  Arriving 10 minutes early as I often do I was milling around as six Arminian guys were trying to change a lightbulb on a sign outside. So how many Arminian’s does it take to change a lightbulb? 6. One to change it. Five to try an claw the light out of his hands so they can put it in themselves all the while, yelling at him in Arminian.  I gotta shorten that punch-line.

Funny story: The H.O.T. open-mic didn’t happen after all.  Word has it the sound equipment for the gig was in the host’s car.  That car was in an impound lot.  Which Sucks!  I don’t know if that story is true, but if it is, I’ve been there far too many times.  But, everything was not lost.  I spoke to a couple of the guys, who were just hanging out to do the nicest thing, telling people there was no mic and that they should go to the OTHER one down Wilton, south of Sunset Blvd. at the Eavesdropper Theater.

I know the Eavesdropper.  I know the owner of the theater! It seemed like fate.  Andy Libby, the owner of the space hugged it out with me and we shot the shit for a couple minutes.  I soon introduced myself to Louis (loo-EES).  He runs the open-mic.  Louis was very receptive and friendly.  And he ran the show!  He’s got a great rule: If the first two rows aren’t filled with audience the show stops until those seats are filled.  Now “audience” for an open mic is usually other acts waiting to go up.  Most of us need our own time to psych up and I respect that.  I don’t need to find my own corner and psych up anymore.  I’d much rather take the temperature of the “audience” and find my words on stage, then try and ‘center’ myself. But to each his own.  Sounds like I’m making fun of other people’s process.  I’m not.  But, I am.

This is a true open-mic!  Alongside a lot of stand-up, we also had poets, musicians and ranters…I didn’t even know ranting was a thing.  You get a 5 minute set. All in all it was great to see Andy, great to see a few familiar and talented faces, and Louis is a total gentleman and complete professional, not to mention an all around cool dude.  Looks like I’ve found my Tuesday and Wednesday night homes for now. NOTE: This open mic is NOT listed on the website.

Subjects covered:

the lighting, orthodox jews, the kardashians, hoarders v. american pickers, the cure for HIV

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