Day 26: Auto-Pilot

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

This was my birthday week.  I didn’t bust my ass to do shows. I will still get 5 in before end of Sunday.  Getting off work at eight, home at nine and rolling into a single open-mic at ten seems to be the pattern for now.  I also let a little self doubt creep in this week.  It’s a fast acting virus that can erode your momentum and self confidence in less than half a day, that’s all.

Show 20: Tuesday, July 9th, 2013,  MouthyPants Open-Mic

I had been taking a small notebook up with me to stay on point.  I eliminated the notebook and just took my memory.  I think I had a piece of paper with me but I didn’t reference it.  I went ‘off-book’.  Kym gave me a real sweet intro and I did my thing.  I remembered a suggestion from a stand-up instructor; He said to “talk to the audience as you would your friend”. Solid piece of advice.   You forget little gems like that, but really it should be the last thing I say to myself before walking on stage.

Show 21: Wednesday, July 10th, Eavesdropper Open-Mic

I’m a five minute bike ride to Eavesdropper/H.O.T. (which was also on the same night)  I didn’t have much confidence in doing both that night so I picked the theater and parked it.  I guess a breaker blew and the fluorescent house lights had to do.  The theater space itself kinda looks like a abandon storage unit, with a couple of creepy touches; a menagerie of beat up toys hot glued to the wall and a shower set covered in fake blood.  The place has tons of character, we just got to see more of it. It was a love fest though. I brought in my birthday at the show.  I went up at 12:01am July 11.  Happy Birthday to me! Another kid was having a birthday too, a kid who was just turning 21.  I suggested Jumbo’s Clown Room, not a strip club, but a must see stop in LA.

Show 22: Friday, July 13th, Sabura y Cultura

I didn’t get there until 10:15p.  It ended at 11p.  The hosts (whose names escape me) were hell bent on getting everyone up. So the last five of us got ONE MINUTE to do bits. I talked about going back in time to hug hitler as a child.

Thursday, I had birthday drinks with friends, and a couple of comic buddies stopped by and we got into a pretty inspiring conversation about comedy nerd stuffs.  We asked each other; “What do you want to do on stage?” I answered “I want to be vulnerable.  I don’t think I am being that.  I do think I’m performing though.”

Tonight, I’m going to the Hollywood Hotel.


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