Day 6: Back to Sal’s

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 Sal’s Comedy Hole

I went back to Sal’s. The only thing I don’t like about it, is that you have to pay to play. It’s minor, but as I mentioned before, a $3 purchase gets you 5 minutes, which isn’t bad, but it adds up.  IF one went there 7 days a week, which you can because they have comedy every day, you’d end up spending $28 (I’m figuring in tip too of course).  Small price to pay for some, but most of these OM’s are No Purchase Necessary.

Sal’s was all I was going to do Sunday.  Saturday had kicked my ass, I needed to be one and done today.  But, in the future, Sunday might be the best night to open mic, or at least the night for me to play catch-up if I miss a day or two.  There’s easily five within a 2 mile radius of me.  How many can one hit in a night…on a bike?  My count is two, so far. The C student in me, has me doing the bare minimum for now.

Today I have a 6pm commercial audition in Beverly Hills, which is unheard of, then off to another mic.

Beers Drank: 1

Total $ spent: $4

Total miles biked: 8mi

Push-ups: 5

Topics Covered: Jews, Kardashians, NSA, Nature (new bit)

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