Day 79: Progress, Not Perfection

Well, Summer is over.  Of course you wouldn’t know it from the intense heat of LA the last two weeks.  I’m torn.  I’m miserable in my apartment, or if I actually have to get out in it, but I also just put in some organic tomatoes and they’re growing like crazy! November tomatoes or the experience of what it feels like to live inside a hair dryer? Looks like both!  I write this now in the cooling comfort of a corporate coffee hut.

So Tom…what’s been up the last 33 days?

22 open mic shows. 1 spectacular John Williams Concert at ‘The Bowl’. 2 day/1 night stay at the Queen Mary (an LA MUST!) 300 push ups. 12 chords learned on the guitar. 200 miles biked. 1 website complete (1 to go). Lots of beers drunk. Many new friends. New venues. AND my very first, self booked solo show at Flapper’s Comedy Club next Friday, September 13th, 2013.

Needless to say, I have made very good use of my time this Summer.  I was going to consider actually committing to a reading list this Summer, but I consider doing a reading list like I consider committing to fantasy football every year. I say I’m going to do it. I don’t do it. I’m usually satisfied with my decision.

Great Tom! 54 shows in 79 days! You have 11 more days to go, Slugger! What’s the plan?!

Best guess, I’ll round off at about 65 shows, and keep going.  There really is no end to it.  There is no need to stop.

Right now, I’m enjoying new friendships.  I’m enjoying the creativity.  I’m enjoying the journey.

It’s over when I’m over.

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