Day 8: Mouthypants. Week 1 down…sorta

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013,  Show #6 Mouthypants Open mic.

That place was packed!  Holy Moly the good word has spread about this OM.  And why not?; great hosts, good drink specials, a real family feel.

Oh, I owe a retraction to the DJ SCOTT, not ROB as I previously named you. No hard feelings, and thanks for the jams.

I also have to give credit to my buddy Sean Copeland.  Had it not been for you posting it on FB  that you were attending Mouthypants so many weeks ago, I probably wouldn’t have gone in the first place.  My inner codependent got the best of me and I knew I could get through 5 minutes of “material” with a familiar yet equally terrified face in the crowd, especially an old Chicago connection.  Another Chicago connection at Mouthypants, yet we didn’t realize it until recently is Abby Schachner.  You have such an incredible mind, may some of your gifts rub off.  Well, we all three were there Tuesday night!  We all kinda knocked our own work, up there, but to each other we gave nothing but support.  Whitney called it nicely: “It’s nice to see a group of people come here and make each other better.”  It’s not surprising!  We three come from the Chicago improv community, where making each other look, feel and be better is the name of the game.

It was Kym’s birthday show!  Whitney brought a cake and all the party favors!  See? Festive and family like. Lotta great folks with great bits.  But also a good night to BS with some people I’d met my first week.

I was up third. RIDICULOUS! I thought I was going to be #40.  Went up. Bombed. And just so you know, bombing isn’t bad. It sucks for a minute.  I had 80% new stuff so I had to hear it fall out of my face. It did. It was similar to watching a professional mover dropping a box a dishes.  You know he’s qualified to do the gig, so why all the noise?  I’m not going to judge to harshly.  I came with fresh bits and the world turned the next day.

Beers drank: 3

Total $ spent: $17

Miles biked: 5

# of trains: 2

Push-ups: 20 (I’m behind a show. My punishment is push-ups)

Guitar chords learned: 0

Stuff I covered: Orthodox Jews and the lemonade stand, Being murdered, Dumb chicago hockey fans and their property damage, Nature,




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