Day 9: Two mic night in Hollywood!

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Show #1 H.O.T.

It was another two show night so I could stay caught up.  As I wrote last week the House of Tacos gig didn’t go down due to “technical” difficulties, well they were back up and running, and yes another packed night at OM. I was #23, but not really because a bunch of people canceled, regardless, it was a wait and in the meantime, why not enjoy some delicious tacos?

Cloe’ (sp) and Derek (sp) run the open mic.  They are kids, and I say that because I seem years older standing next to them. I didn’t really chat, just a some handshakes and ‘thank yous’.  Again, I was cold up there.   Just trying to get it out of my mouth, and some stuff hit, but I was third to last, so it wasn’t like there was much of a crowd to gauge.  I clearly had low energy which was proven by the next person after me who brought IT! She was energetic and positive! Whatever, it was the same new stuff.  It’s good, but it just needs the right attention that I wasn’t paying to it in the moment.  Remember Tom, it’s not a failure if you get up and do it.

By that time it was 11:40p, and I had to see if I could squeeze in a second mic…somewhere.  I bolted down to Eavesdropper Theater, which was all of 5 minutes on a bike.

Show#2 Eavesdropper

I flagged down Louis from the front door with a subtle wave.  He had a headliner (The Batman, who has all the best qualities of Bill and Ted combined) He was great!  And by the grace of God, he granted me a final slot of the night.  He felt bad for me that I biked down.  I will take his sympathy and I will raise it with a very tight and funny 5 minute set.  Where did that set come from? It was night and day to what I had done, just 20 minutes earlier.  I went from no laughs to claps.  It helped that I had Andy, the theater owner there.  That guy has the best fucking laugh.

What was the difference between the two shows?  Well, sure there were environmental differences, personnel changes, changes in me…..sigh. I’m not going to break it down beyond there.

Thanks for the comments and encouragement.  More of that. Spread the word, too.  You would help me greatly.  You would help yourself greatly, too. My life will be profoundly changed in one way or another by doing this.  How? That’s not for me to control.  But doing this is not LIKE going to work. It IS going to work.  This is the gig, for better or worse, richer or poorer.  It pays off in different ways.

Shows to date: 8

$ spent: 4.87

Tacos ate: 2

Push-ups: 10

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