Hot August Nights!

It’s exactly 1:11pm on Monday August 4th, 2014!

Just days from now I have TWO practically back to back shows at Flapper’s in Burbank 8/8 and 8/10 both at 7pm. Both in the Yoo Hoo Room.  So I got that going for me! I love going to Flapper’s. They love having me, I think.

July 16th, 2014 was my last Flapper’s date, and it went great. I rigorously performed my routine and stuck the landing! Got the Gold! USA! USA! Okay, maybe there wasn’t that much fanfare, but I brought a very supportive audience and they had a great time. Me too. It’s good to succeed there! So yeah, good show. I got to hang out with my comedy buddy Dominic Padulo too.

July is my birthday month! the 11th is my birthday and boy what a birthday it was! Strangers singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me, over breakfast. A helicopter piloting lesson, with a grizzled pilot in a Tommy Bahama shirt and flip-flops, who has disdain for his wife and kids, and claimed to be bored with flying back and forth between California and BRAZIL!! I don’t recall his name but he reminded me of a Russ. Russ, you were awesome and everything I could possibly want in a helicopter instructor. You are a study in jaded paranoia and I appreciated our time together! Thank you Kerry for that incredible gift! It gave me more than you know.  Later that night I invited guests poolside for birthday drinks at the Figueroa Hotel in downtown LA.  It was a good time.

Oh yeah, July 26th, 2014 I booked a last minute show at the Comedy Store. It was an independent booking, that I got two people out to, and that just wasn’t enough. In fairness, the booker was very clear that this was a “bringer” show, meaning, you must bring folks or else…I’m still waiting for the ‘or else’. The booker scolded me for only bringing two people, and told me I’d “owe” them. Fo Reelz. I guess they could have been a real jerk and pulled me from the line up entirely. Would’ve saved me owing them. In my youth, I would have taken little threats like this rather seriously. Let them loom over me. Now that I’m in my…oldth…I say “thank you for the five minutes” and I’m going to ignore your threats and tough talk.  We could power metropoli with the energy we expend talking shit to one another on a daily basis. The upside was, that my 5 minutes killed. The other people on the line up were AWESOME! It was a big group of OC comics that came up for a night. One guy bought a round of tequila shots, we had three different weed smoking apparatus’ circling the Greenroom of the Belly Room. It was quite a party, comedian style!  Shout out to Uncle Timmy!
July was a success! August was kicked off with Cubs v Dodgers. Cubs win. Got to go on the field and watch fireworks WHAT!? It was a great night with the Columbia College Chicago Alumni Association!

August looks like it’s heating up…quite literally and Comically. I will keep you updated of shows. Look for the official August newsletter arriving quite soon, like today, soon and subscribe dammit.

New stand-up video arriving soon.