‘Tis The Season To Use Reason

Thursday, December 4th, 2014 3:10pm

At this point, our America is stunned to angry to numb regarding the recent grand jury decisions to not prosecute police officers for their use of excessive force. I’m too tired to exchange words on Facebook with my conservative “friends”. It’s pointless when we can’t even agree on a common enemy.  People take silly sides, and blame…and blame…and blame. Where do people find the energy and audacity of being so bloody certain that they know what’s ‘wrong with America’? 

We blame it on the Poor.  They are what’s wrong. They take and take and take. Then please explain to me where is the product of their taking. It can’t all go to drugs. If the poor take so much, then why don’t they have? I imagine if the poor took as much as we claim they do, they might be in the middle class running by now. But alas the poor are still poor, and growing.

We blame it on the Media. They twist and distort the ‘truth’. Um, no shit. Then take some personal responsibility and CONSIDER THE SOURCE! Consider the source. Consider the Mother Fucking Source. If you believe more than half of what cable news spews out in a 24 hour cycle, then you’re an idiot. Sorry, you are. But there’s hope for you. Turn it off. Untie the knot that you’re twisted in every time you hear the phrase unarmed black teen. No matter which “side” (which is another ridiculous concept) you’re on, let it go.  Because the hours of carpal tunnel induced commenting via your contrarian platform, is driving a bigger and TOTALLY AVOIDABLE wedge between you and someone that can help you understand. Understanding involves listening. Certainty involves telling.

We blame Liberals and Conservatives. Sides. SIDES! Are you kidding me? America is the Land of Too Many Choices, yet when it comes to politics we have the choice of either poo or shit. Liberals are Big Ol’ Pussies, who think coconut oil will fix all the worlds problems, increasingly making America soft…and supple. Conservatives are a bunch of gun toting, tinfoil hat wearing wing nut militiamen, enlisting others into the Oligarchs Redneck Army (aka Iraqi Freedom).  Rhetoric has it’s own Pandora Station now! We’re fine with our Coke or Pepsi. They’re a slightly different version of terrible even though our tastebuds long for something else! What’s that?! Dr. Pepper!? It’s amazing. Come again? It’s owned by Coke? never mind. Sprite? That too? no shit.

We blame minorities and immigrants. They put a drag on our economy. They don’t know the language. “You’re in America now Jack! Speak English! I ain’t gonna learn your language (even though it’s the second fastest growing language on the planet….the first? English). Even though I believe in hard working labor, earning a dollars work for a dollars pay, I, as an American, deservebetter job than picking fruit, or mowing lawns or cleaning houses or nannying kids but I resent and recognize that they are taking away my right to have that job by saturating that market. I don’t want it, but it should be mine…..I don’t sound like a fearful insane person at all!”

Journalists blame Bloggers

Religions blame Governments

Pundits blame Presidents

Presidents blame the Tea Party

Milli Vanilli blames it on the Rain

and Everybody blames Blacks


Shit rolls downhill

If there’s a problem at the bottom, look to the top

Unwavering trust shouldn’t go to the person who’s never lived a dirt poor day in their life, yet in the name of Freedom, we acquiesce.

We’re all equal in the eyes of the Market.  Rich or poor we all seem to think we know the value of a dollar. There is no, our money or their money. There’s money and it’s up for grabs…and since you’re just starting out, here’s a boatload of credit card offers! Good luck getting ahead! Next stop, debt, cynicism, frustration and needless attacks on the “class” below you, because?  Shit rolls downhill.

Money is not Freedom. It’s paper.

RACE WAR? Really!? We’ve come to that!? Okay! The White Fundamentalist Teapocalypse People v. Everyone Else. Teapocalypse, you are outnumbered, you are out gunned. You lose. Which is why you haven’t fired a shot in the name of Freedom,  that is if you don’t count school shootings. But maybe your game is to just get the ball rolling. To obstruct and incite. Obstruct and incite. Because if it’s all white, it’s alright -Chris Rock

Finally, we look to our law enforcement to ‘keep the peace’ when they’re not busy being the story. I was raised to avoid run-ins with the law. Taught that most cops are a bunch of Barney Fifes just itching for crime to happen at every turn. The luxury of being a white American. Didn’t stop my hubris to commit minor infarctions then talk to cops like they were the hired help. I’m slight and white, and unless I’m peacefully protesting, I’m not a threat. Yet to everyone else of color, I am an enemy until I show my humanity. I don’t envy the calling, that is law enforcement. It’s a tough job that isn’t for everyone, obviously.

Look, the powers that be, want us to tear each other part. Why let them?

What better month to be human, than December? The month when a Super-Human God Baby is born to guide us thru our Holiday shopping.

I really hope the ONE gift we all get this holiday season is the gift of common sense. It’s a gift we can give ourselves and others. A time when we can lay down our obvious differences. A time where we can do something selfless for others, while secretly and selfishly patting ourselves on the back for doing so. A time when our words won’t hurt each other, even though in the interest of Free Speech, I just wanna give that guy a piece of my mind. Keep your mind for yourself, you’ll need it.

Dog Bless us, Everyone! -Tiny Tom