What I Learned in April and Other Revelations

I’ll give you an overview of the month since I’m rather resistant to write this anyway.  What I ‘Should have done’ (from the Catholic Latin shudacudawuda meaning to use your head dummy) was update my blog as I completed each show. I didn’t because April got busy. GOOD BUSY. I booked a commercial dammit!

I biked and bussed to every single one of those auditions until I struck gold, too!  I booked four comedy shows in April! I mentioned this in my previous blog, so you wouldn’t think I was lying…

I got to pull some shifts at my job at Universal Studios Hollywood during this Spring Break season, and THAT couldn’t have come at a better time! So YEAH! BI-ZEE!

April Fools Day was Flapper’s!  I’m glad that they invite me to come play, but I gotta tell ya, I’m not hitting homers at this place. I’ll keep swinging with every opportunity they give me, but I haven’t walked away feeling great about shows there…oh well, one day. But, I did the craziest thing soon after that. That 4/1 show at Flapper’s I bombed, no doubt. I had to get that taste out of my mouth and I knew that my trusted mic Mouthy Pants was still going on, some distance, just down Burbank Blvd.  No busses were running that late so I double timed it in dress shoes down Burbank Blvd, from Burbank to North Hollywood.  I was loosing steam pretty fast until I found a Costco shopping cart. I decided that this cart was the motivation I needed to get me the other 2.3 miles.  So I pushed it in front of me as I ran behind the cart.  Urban Fitness Gurus (so LA) use them in workouts.  When I arrived to The Other Door, neatly parking the cart in a motorcycle spot, I was out of breath and sweaty and I could have made it in plenty of time if I had walked.  It was still good exercise in the wrong shoes.

April 6th, I did my first show at the Ice House.  I booked this show through their audition process.  The sweetest guy in the world, Dave McNeary runs this show and he loves passing out free drink tickets! I think it went well for the most part. It was ten minutes which was a new personal challenge. I started getting tunnel vision around 7 minutes and had to vamp for the last three. Chicago Alum Jimmy Carlson was among the familiar faces in that line-up too!  A generally positive experience; comics, audience, all of it! I really hope to be invited back! Pasadena is quiet and clean. I like quite and clean.

April 10th, was 1 of 2 shows in the Belly Room at The World Famous Comedy Store. I returned to perform at The C Word show! Fan, Friend and Lover (only in my mind) Kristal Oates, co-operates said show with two other comedy geniuses!  I like that room, a lot. Seems I’m doing my fair share of shows in that room at WFCS, which is fine.  Nice to be doing shows there at all!

April 19th, show 2 of 2 in the Belly Room.  Kym Kral invited me once again to be part of Justin Harrison’s Just Funny In The Belly Room.  Due to schedule conflicts I had to work late and in turn, had to bust nuts to get to this show in time to be told that I was  WHAT? HEADLINING!?  Yes. I did just that and ya know what? I won at comedy that night!  Killed it. Crushed it. Released it back in the wild….

I managed to shoot a commercial this month too, where I square off in a staring stand-off with a gang of Raccoons…should be interesting.


5/3 – The World Famous Comedy Store/Belly Room 9:30pm THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT!

5/7 – The Karma Lounge in Korea Town 8pm. Promo to come!

5/26 – Brennan’s “Irish” Pub in Venice 8pm. two words. turtle races.

Going to KC in between those dates. I will most likely do some improv with the KC cool kids there!

Oh….um….revelations….choose happiness.